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Student tables

There are countless possibilities in terms of student tables, depending on the available space in your classroom, for example:


Compact setups with utilities on the front panel

Vertical plug towers

Arrangements with utilities on a vertical column (in the middle or on the sides)


Tables easily movable and combinable with electricity columns for a dynamic lab space





Teacher's tables

A solid teacher's table is indispensable in a science classroom.

This type of table consists of a series of base cabinets for storing materials and a cabinet with technical facilities. A sitting niche is often provided as well.



Student's tables

Give your students a platform to carry out practical tests themselves. Ample space, the necessary functionalities and the right safety measures ensure a correct, efficientënt and above all interesting course of your lab lessons.


Rinsing units

Not only for hygiëne, but also for safety it is very important that there is always a rinsing unit present in the lab area. The number of bins, the material, the height of the taps, whether or not to install a soap dispenser and other logistical decisions are taken into account.



Storage cabinets

We offer modular solutions for your storage cabinets:

  • Both stand-alone cabinets and cabinet walls, allowing you to make optimum use of even the most scarce space;
  • Possible top cabinets;
  • Full doors or with safety glass;
  • ...

On the basis of a plan from your room, we can work out a proposal.



Safety cabinets

In these cabinets you can store your chemicals in accordance with all safety measures and restrictions. Possibilities include separate rooms for acids and bases, fireproof compartments, ventilation, ... to guarantee the safety of you and your students under all possible circumstances.



Demonstration cabinets

Carry out your demonstrations and experiments in complete safety. With these pull-out cabinets your students can watch thanks to the transparent, solid walls and the optimal illumination of the worktop without coming into contact with potentially harmful substances or other dangers. Of course, you yourself also run minimal risk with the necessary facilities.

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