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The Brick'R'knowledge Solar Set guarantees fun with experiments for students on a level which introduces renewable energies in a playful and easy way. How does a solar cell work? How can an accumulator store energy? How can you build a night light with a motion detector? These questions and many more will be answered with the set.


Generate and store electrical energy for supplying your Brick'R'knowledge projects
Numerous accessories for real-life applications, like charging your mobile phone and supply a fan with electrical power
Save to use and robust
Special plug contacts of the bricks to easily realise circuits with solid electric contacts
Screen-printed electric symbols on top of each brick
No additional material required
Equipment and Technical Data

The following projects can be realised with numerous variants which are documented in the user manual in detail:

Supply LEDs with electrical energy
Run a portable fan
Motion detector, Bewegungsmelder, buzzer and alarm system
Morse circuit
Charging an accumulator and using it for mobile applications
The stable storage box includes the following bricks which can be easily attached to one another:

Button, switch, potentiometer, 5-pole clip to connect other circuit elements, buzzer, transistor p-MOS, USB charging brick to charge mobile phones etc. (output: 5V), high power LED, RGB LED, passive infrared technology motion detector, short-circuit-proof acccumulator with charging electronics (adjustable to 9V with 750 mA / 12V with 500 mA), solar brick with voltage regulator (12 V constant output voltage), 10 m 2-wire cable, flexible LED lamp, fan, big solar panel, ground brick to realise closed circuits easily and to reduce the number of necessary connections, numerous connecting bricks.

The 40-page user manual is available as a downloadable PDF.