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The Electronics Basic set introduces you to the most important variables and functionalities of electronic circuits. The 19 bricks included in the kit help you understand more about electronics. For those of you who are interested in electronics and want to know more about it, the Basic Set is the adequate kit to start with.


Save to use and robust
Special plug contacts of the bricks to easily realise circuits with solid electric contacts
Screen-printed electric symbols on top of each brick
Closed circuits in more complex circuits can be easily realised
Special ground brick helps reduce the number of bricks to build a closed circuit
Special contact brick included for uncomplicated and quick installation of additional components
No additional material required
Equipment and Technical Data

The following experiments can be performed: power circuit, parallel, series circuit, the LED, the resistor, the potentiometer, the light-dependent resistor, the capacitor, the transistor. Numerous experiment variants are described in detail.

The stable storage box includes the following bricks which can be easily attached to one another: battery brick (9V), ground brick to realise closed circuits easily and to reduce the number of necessary connections, contact brick for other components, T-corners, corners, different LEDs, different resistances, light-dependent resistor, different capacitors, potentiometer, transistor.

The 40-page experiment manual is available as a downloadable PDF.