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The Electronics Advanced set enables users to rebuild basic cicuits of modern electronics and to further develop them. The included manual contains explanations of the 111 different bricks and experimental setups. The set includes a variety of switches and transistors, antenna and audio elements and special modules like the Timer 555.


Save to use and robust
Special plug contacts of the bricks to easily realise circuits with solid electric contacts
Screen-printed electric symbols on top of each brick
Closed circuits in more complex circuits can be easily realised
Special ground brick helps reduce the number of bricks to build a closed circuit
No additional material required
Equipment and Technical Data

The following experiments can be performed:

Experiments relating to setting up circuits (8 experiments)
Digital logic with buttons (4 experiments)
Resistor (6 experiments)
Capacitor (3 experiments)
Inductance (4 experiments)
Transistors (13 experiments) as well as JFET
MOSFET (3 experiments)
Special semiconductors (programmable unijunction transistor und thyristor)
Timer 555 (6 experiments)
Logic circuits (6 experiments)
Oscillators (4 experiments)
Operation amplifier (9 experiments)
Audio amplifier with LM386 (9 experiments)
Relais circuits (16 experiments)
Plus experiments about reed relais, diverse alarm systems, light barrier and thermo elements
The stable storage box includes the following bricks which can be easily attached to one another: basic bricks like the battery brick (9V), connectors, resistors, capacitors, inductors/coils, diodes, optoelements, antennas, audio elements, switches, transistors, amplifiers, timer 555.

The 130-page experiment manual is available as a downloadable PDF.