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XRE 4.0 X-ray expert set - PHYWE - 09110-88

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Function and Applications

Basic set covering the fundamental principles and areas of applications of X-rays, e.g. fluoroscopy experiments and X-ray photography. It can be extended by upgrade sets for specific applications and topics.


Safety concept complying with the applicable standards and regulations
The set complies with all of the German (X-ray ordinance, RÖV) for radiation protection.
Type approval by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BFS) concerning the use of the unit at schools and universities in Germany.
Lead-enforced acrylic glass windows as a shield against the X-rays (breakproof in accordance with DIN/EN 61010)
PHYWE Safety-Lock Technologie
Design Patent, Protection of Utility Patent, General Patent pending

S-Lock - PHYWE novel Safety interlock
Electrical and mechanical saefty lock
Prevents door opening witch switched on X-radiation
thus offers the highest possible security

Tube XChange Technology
Self-adjusting thermionic valves with quick-change technology
Contact protection against hot parts
4 Anode materials for specific experiments (W (included), Mo, Cu, Fe (optional))

Touch Panel
Simultaneous control, manually and by computer
Interactive, intuitive handling
Self-explanatory icons for fast operation

3View - Insight provides a transparent view
Exceptional observability of the experimentation space
Extra large windwo front on 3 sides (Diagonals: 18" / 18" / 14", 46 cm/ 46 cm/ 36 cm)

High-resolution TFT backlit display
480 x 272 Pixel
16 Bit, 65.536 colors
with LED lighting
Optimal, dynamic representation of all important device parameters and measured values

XXL Chamber
Large space for large experiments
Temperature-controlled, internally-ventilated experimentation space

Optical bank with riders
Simple, precise positioning of optical components
Radiography experiments

Goniometer (optional)
Collision proteceted
Simple, safe handling

Connection port internal and external
USB 2.0, N2, BNC, XRED, Aux, etc.
No annoying "cable-laying"
In addition, extra-large cable conduit

Safekeeping drawer
All utensils are kept safely and always ready at hand

Equipment and technical data

The set includes the following components:
XR 4.0 expert unit
XR 4.0 X-ray plug-in unit with a tungsten X-ray tube
XR measure 4.0 X software
TESS expert manual "Experiment with X-radiation"
USB cable
Mains cable with adaptor
Optical bech with
Quick-start guide
Operating instruction
Fluorescent screen

Recommended upgrade sets for various applications and topics
XRW 4.0 X-ray wireless demonstration upgrade set, 09115-88
XRP 4.0 X-ray solid state upgrade set, 09120-88
XRC 4.0 X-ray characteristics upgrade set, 09130-88
XRS 4.0 X-ray structural analysis upgrade set, 09140-88
XRI 4.0 X-ray imaging upgrade set, 09150-88
XRM 4.0 X-ray material analysis upgrade set, 09160-88
XRD 4.0 X-ray dosimetry and radiation damage upgrade set, 09170-88
XRCT 4.0 X-ray Computer Tomography upgrade set, 09180-88