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Secret Circuits Basic is made up of eight different boxes and connections, bulbs and switches are visible on the top sides of the boxes. You have to find out how the various components are connected to one another without looking inside the boxes. Box 1 is the easiest, and they then become progressively more difficult all the way up to box 8.
A 4.5 V battery or a DC power supply is connected to the inputs in order to perform the task. By studying what happens when you press the switches on the box and unscrewing the bulbs and screwing them back in, you can find out how the components are connected to one another. When you have solved the problem, you draw a clear wiring diagram. You should be familiar with the properties of a closed circuit, series connection and parallel connection.
Secret Circuits Basic provides a more in-depth understanding of electrics and is exciting to investigate. Use the kit for laboratory experiments or as "final tests", for example.