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This lamp emits a bright beam of light, ideal for many types of experiments and demonstrations. Focus and filament position are easily adjusted.
Provided with safety jack connectors and a Ø 10 mm mounting rod for use on an optical bench or with a laboratory stand.
A 50 W halogen lamp is included.
During operation the lamp housing is ventilated by means of a built-in ventilator, so the surface temperature of the housing will not exceed 60 °C.
The Reuter Lamp has a bi-pin socket for halogen lamps 12 V/50 W (item no. 4270.10)
Length: 310 mm. Width: 76 mm. Height: 105 mm (excluding mounting rod).
Power supply needed: 12 V AC/DC, minimum 3 A (35 W lamp) or 4.2 A (50 W lamp).